Flash Sale on 1/4-oz Walking Liberty Silver Rounds

12:55 PM

Only $0.63 over spot (any quantity) on the beautiful 1/4-oz Walking Libs. If ordering 2,000 or more call for discount.


Walking Liberty (obverse) – Between 1916 and 1947 the United States minted what is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful silver bullion coin designs ever. Originally, the Walking Liberty half-dollar silver coin design was created by Adolf A. Weinman, who was also the designer of the popular Mercury Dime. It was said that Elsie Stevens was Weinman's model for the silver dime and the Walking Liberty rounds. The current "American Silver Eagle" have a similar design on the obverse. The American Silver Eagle also happens to be the most popular silver coins in the world (also comes as gold coins). These silver rounds are smaller in size - containing a 1/4 ounce of pure silver bullion as opposed to the Walking Liberty half-dollar, which contains 0.357 ounces of silver at 90% purity.

Eagle with Shield (reverse) – Each silver bullion round is stamped with its guaranteed weight of one quarter ounce of .999 fine silver. These privately minted rounds are not legal tender and differ in numerous ways from any government-minted silver coins. And they are clearly marked to further ensure there is no confusion with any coin or numismatic item. Purchase these silver rounds online now!

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