Currently Available: 2015 1/4-oz Royal Canadian Mint Gold Polar Bears

We have a small amount of limited mintage 1/4-oz pure gold 2015 Polar Bear coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. All coins in original mint plastic. We have the following coins available at 8.75% over melt value, a significant savings over what they are sold for elsewhere. We have less than 10 available.

Since availability is quite limited, this item is available by phone only at 1-800-800-1865

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$GLD and $SLV Prices as of July 16 2018 @moneymetals

July 16, 2018 -- Gold and silver drifted lower once again last week as the U.S. dollar strengthened. Metals were also dragged downward by selling in the commodities sector at large.

Markets continue to respond as if a trade war will somehow be good for the U.S. dollar.

The U.S. is a major exporter of dollars as payment for imported goods. It’s hardly good news for the greenback if overseas demand for it evaporates. Not to mention that tariffs on imports are definitely going to drive price inflation as less expensive imported goods vanish from the marketplace.

But for now, traders aren’t finding much reason to buy gold and silver. The action is elsewhere. Some of it can be found in U.S. equities, where the S&P 500 regained the 2,800 level by Friday’s close. Stocks are now extremely overbought on the charts versus gold and silver.

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Gold/Silver Haven’t Inflation Data; Keith Weiner: U.S. Debt-Money System Is Immoral

First published by Money Metals here:

This week, a fascinating interview with Keith Weiner of Monetary Metals and the Gold Standard Institute. Keith tells the story about a large cash sale he had a decade ago, how incredibly uncomfortable it made him to have such a big cash position and how it ultimately led him to begin thinking about and pursuing a new gold standard as a solution to our nation’s monetary problems.

Massive U.S. Gold Deposit Hidden In California??

First published by Money Metals here:

Is the U.S. Government hiding a massive gold deposit in the Chocolate Mountains in California? Well, according to a few top-notch conspiracy theorists, the U.S. Congress passed the Desert Wilderness Protection Act that has cordoned off this vast gold discovery from the public. Unfortunately, we may never know if this mammoth gold deposit exists due to the clandestine nature of our government… or will we?