Gold American Eagle Proof Coins are Beautiful, and So Is the Price...

The proof version of the American Eagle coins are generally offered at a significantly higher price. As of this writing, the US Mint sell proof sets of the gold Eagles for nearly $3,000 each. The coins are minted using specially polished dies and each is struck multiple times. After passing quality control, the coins are packaged against scratching and fingerprints inside clear, hard plastic capsules. They are then placed in a velvet lined box with a certificate of authenticity.

Rare coin dealers love to sell them for premiums of 30% - 40% above the value of the gold content. That is simply way too much. But grabbing these special coins at a very small mark-up versus the price of standard coins is a no-brainer.

Money Metals Exchange is proud to offer these coins, when available, at a price just above the cost of our standard bullion-strike gold American Eagles. That is a tremendous value for these stunning coins with their original mint packaging and paperwork.

Gold American Eagles are issued by the US Mint in West Point, New York. They are official legal tender and backed by the US government for weight and purity. Production of the American Eagle series of coins began in 1986. The proof sets come with dates ranging from 1998 - 2008 and from 2010 - present. Production of proof gold coins was suspended in 2009 as the US Mint put all efforts into minting standard bullion coins to meet the unprecedented demand which followed the Financial Crisis.

Mintages of these coins were limited, and so is availability. Money Metals Exchange only offers them when we can secure inventory at a fair price.

Gold proof coins:

The Perfect Birthday Gift - A Beautiful 1/10 Oz Gold American Eagle

The Gold American Eagle is recognized everywhere as one of the world's most popular bullion coins - particularly in the affordable tenth ounce size. The striking robed Lady Liberty on the obverse hold the torch of liberty aloft in one hand and the olive branch of victory in the other. Bald Eagles adorn the reverse - protecting their young in a nest. It is a stunning and iconic design, generally considered to be among the most beautiful of United States coins.

Each coin carries a legal tender value of $5 U.S. dollars. Additionally, coins are marked with the gold content - 1/10 oz fine gold. Every coin's weight and purity is assured by the US Mint.

The 1/10 ounce is the smallest size among the fractional Gold Eagles minted. Investors choose this dime-sized coin to diversify their gold holding. Many believe smaller coins like these will command a significant premium should gold prices move much higher. The day may come when larger 1 oz gold coins are simply unaffordable for many people, raising demand for fractional sizes.

The size is also popular among preparedness-minded stackers who want coins suitable for barter, if needed. One ounce coins for sale may be impractical for use in smaller transactions where they would require the counter-party to make lots of change.

Buyers can be confident that any 1/10th oz Golden Eagle purchased today will be in high demand whenever the time comes to sell. Dealer bid prices for these coins are generally the highest among all fractional sized bullion coins because they always sell quickly.

This coin will make a fine and memorable gift. It is attractively packaged in a clear plastic case and labeled "Happy Birthday!"

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These Swiss-Made Bars are Second to None When it Comes to Quality and Security features

PAMP Suisse is known for their innovative security and design features. All new PAMP Suisse Fortuna Platinum Bars carry the mint’s proprietary Veriscan® technology to assure holders that the bars are genuine and untampered. The microscopic topography of each bar allows PAMP to assign an identity as unique as a human fingerprint. Bars can be scanned again later for verification. Each portfolio comes with:
  • A tamper-evident assay card to guarantee weight and purity.
  • PAMP’s exclusive Veriscan® technology uses microscopic topography to identify products in their database. Each bar is scanned when manufactured and can be re-scanned later to verify that the bar is genuine.
  • Contains qty 25 each 1-gram bars in .9995 fine platinum.
  • IRA approval – PAMP Bars are eligible to be held inside precious metals IRAs.

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The Lowell Park Coin is 47th in the Popular Series Which Will Ultimately Include 56 Different and Beautiful Designs

  • The coins are strikingly large and the artwork is beautiful. They will be an interesting addition to any silver holding.
  • The coins are affordable with premiums similar to the American Eagle silver coin, despite lots of demand from coin collectors coupled with a limited mintage.
  • Each coin carries its own unique story.

The coin's reverse (or tails) side features a woman operating a power loom, with the city of Lowell in the background. This side is also inscribed with the words; Lowell, Masschusetts, 2019, and E Pluribus Unum.

The obverse carries the familiar coin portrait of George Washington - the portrait featured on current Washington quarters. The inscriptions on this side include; United States of America, Liberty, In God We Trust and Quarter Dollar.

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History of The Queen's Beasts Silver Coins

The first coin in the series, the Lion of England was released in March 2016, though it was designed a year earlier. The initial run sold out quickly, with the follow-up being released in June 2016.

The first proof coins were struck in late 2016 and the platinum Queen’s Beasts coins were unveiled the following year. A small run of brilliant uncirculated coins of cupro-nickel and 1 oz. (£5 face value) was also struck.

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