The 100 Gram Silver Combibar from Valcambi is an Innovation for Silver Stackers

Now they can buy silver bars made to be easily divisible into smaller units, and save money versus buying fractional sized silver. Each 100 gram CombiBar can be separated into smaller bars - as little a 1 gram in size. Each smaller bar features the Valcambi hallmark, along with the silver weight and purity.

These bars are designed to add versatility to your silver stack. They are ideal for anyone preparing a metal holding for use in barter and trade.

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This Coin is the 40th to be Released in the America The Beautiful Series and It's the 5th (and final) Release in 2017

America The Beautiful Silver Coin (ATB Coin) - George Rogers Clark National Park

George Rogers Clark National Park is located in Indiana. The park is named after a hero in the Revolutionary War. Clark, the commander of a small force of American soldiers, led his troops to victory against the British Fort Sackville in the icy winter of 1779. He then went on to other victories, making a major contribution in the effort that ultimately won the war.

The surprise defeat of the British there at Fort Sackville is now considered to be one of the great feats of the entire war. George Rogers Clark and the National Park that bears his name are now being commemorated in silver. Money Metals Exchange is proud to offer this official coin from the US Mint. It is beautifully made from .999 fine silver, and it comes in a massive 5 oz size.

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Mercury Dimes Special -- Grab Them While You Can!

We've encountered a rare situation and have accumulated a stash of Mercury Dimes and are ready to blow them out. Selling these Mercs for a mere 35 cents above regular dimes/quarters pricing (which are currently sitting at multi-year lows to begin with), meaning a full bag of Mercs can be had for only $0.74 over spot per ounce. For normal pricing on 90% silver dimes/quarters go HERE and then add 35 cents to each premium. Must call to order, supplies are limited.

Since availability is quite limited, this item is available by phone only at 1-800-800-1865

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