You'll Get the Same Stunningly Beautiful Boxed Proof Coin that Unscrupulous Rare Coin Dealers Sell for $300 Over Spot.

9:45 AM

Of course, these coins are still gold and therefore have significant value. But the heirs let this stash of brilliant proof coins slip through their fingers ... we used our buying power to scoop up the entire lot for just barely above melt value.

What this means is that YOU can acquire 1-oz proof Gold Eagles in their original U.S. Mint display boxes for less than $100 over spot. At $300 or more over spot these coins were a very bad bet. For less than $100 bucks premium, they are an extraordinary buy.

We've never made this offer before, and we don't expect to ever make it again. But here's the thing – we only have 122 of these units; when they're gone, they're gone. We expect them to sell out quickly, so please act today.

Get yours before we run out!

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