Most People Buying Proofs & Collectibles NEVER Recoup the Lofty Premiums They Pay...

9:33 AM

Sadly, many buyers either ignore this advice or, more likely, they simply never hear it. Then they run into a high-pressure coin dealer with a song and dance.

Money Metals recently received a call from one such purchaser – an estate seeking to liquidate a 122-coin hoard of 1-oz proof Gold Eagles in original U.S. Mint boxes. Not surprisingly, the estate was totally unable to find a buyer willing to repay them the extortionate retail premium charged for these proof coins by the U.S. Mint itself and those "rip-off gold" dealers we've been telling you about.

Of course, these coins are still gold and therefore have significant value. But the heirs let this stash of brilliant proof coins slip through their fingers ... we used our buying power to scoop up the entire lot for just barely above melt value.

Get this deal while supplies last:

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