This Gleaming 1 Oz Legal Tender Silver Bonus is Our 'thank you' Gift to You!

6:41 AM

Or any other Money Metals customer who takes advantage of this month's special offer with a minimum purchase of just $5,000.

At current prices, that's as little as four ounces of gold (from any mint, in any format we offer) or twelve tubes (240 oz.) of Silver Eagles or Canadian Silver Maples to qualify for your FREE silver bonus.

On top of that, all orders of $500 or more SHIP FREE all month long. It's your choice – either pocket the savings, or put it toward your own silver bonus – what you'll save on shipping more than pays for a half-ounce silver Bounty legal tender coin, our newest offering from the New Zealand mint.

This is our untouchable April deal for precious metal investors. Prices are low, and premiums are even lower.

Check out the free bonus you would receive:

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