Silver: The Smartest Way to Protect Your Financial Future

1:46 PM

If you have been looking for a low risk investment that will hold its value, you should consider silver bullion as an investment. Silver gains ground as the financial markets struggle to regain the equilibrium that gets lost during a recession. Buying precious metals is a smart way to protect your money and your future.

If you have been following the financial markets around the world, you have probably seen how quickly paper currency can become destabilized when there is political upheaval or other problems. Massive debt can also cause the destabilization of a currency, which is something that many countries are facing. 

Watch this video to find out why the richest people in the world are investing in silver:

When you purchase silver, you can be certain that your investment will protect your financial future because the demand for silver and precious metals is always high. If you have wisely invested your money in silver coins and bullion bars you will always have the currency you need. One of the reasons why disaster preparation plans stress having silver or gold instead of paper currency is because that in the event of a disaster, it is very likely that paper currency will become worthless.

Whether you want to pour your investment money into something that you know will retain value, or prepare for any future emergencies by stockpiling precious metals, you should start with silver. It's simple, and you can do so from reputable dealers knowing little about precious metals. Once you understand what the most common types of silver available are, and where to find them, you can jump into precious metals investing.

It doesn’t matter what type of silver you buy to start out with. You can buy rounds, coins,  bars, or even junk silver and still hold onto the value of the investment through almost any market fluctuation.

If you want to invest at the lowest possible cost start with bullion bars. Coins and silver rounds, especially silver coins like the American Eagle and the Canadian Maple Leaf, have a premium above and beyond the cost of the actual silver because of the cost of making the actual coin. Sometimes that premium can be high as 14 percent more  than the cost of the silver used to make the coin. Sometimes the premium is even higher.

To avoid having all of your investment money go towards premiums , stick to buying rounds and possibly even some scrap silver. The value of these coins and rounds is about the same as more expensive coins because they have the same purity as popular coins. So unless you want to pay a lot of money for the opportunity to say that you own specialized collectible silver coins, stick to bullion.

The world of precious metal investing can seem intimidating at first. But once you get used to the way things work, you will wonder why it took so long to get started! And with some advice and guidance from people who have spent years investing in precious metals you will find out the best ways to get the most value for your investment dollar.

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