Leaked Copy of GOP Platform Draft

1:03 PM

Originally posted at the Sound Money Defense League

Inside the 2016 RNC Platform...

Our sources inside the GOP have provided us a draft of the 2016 Republican Party Platform scheduled for adoption in Cleveland next week.

The Section titled “The Federal Reserve” includes language that should encourage those of us who are alarmed by the dramatic decline in purchasing power of Federal Reserve Note dollar since Nixon severed the last tie to gold in 1971. The draft reads “President Reagan...established a commission to consider the feasibility of a metallic basis for U.S. currency. In 2012, facing the task of cleaning up the wrecked of the current Administrations policies, we proposed a similar commission to investigate ways to set a fixed value for the dollar. With Republican leadership, The House of Representatives has passed legislation to set up just such a commission. We recommend its enactment by the full Congress and the commission’s careful consideration of ways to secure the integrity of our currency.”

Is it possible that America may someday have a monetary system backed by more than the empty platitude “the full faith and credit of the United States Government”?

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