There are Three Things to Know About This Deal.

9:50 AM

  • First, there's no selection of mint year. Your Eagles will have random mint years – no big deal at all considering these are the world's most popular gold and silver coins.
  • Second, though you may order as many as you wish, this offer is limited to our current inventory. We currently have just 20 boxes (10,000 oz) of Silver Eagles and less than one full box (400 oz) of Gold Eagles on hand. We've often sold this much metal (or substantially more) in a single day. Investors are snapping up Eagles during this rare alignment of low spot prices and secondary market oversupply; don't wait and risk having our current inventory sell out.
  • Finally, while we expect gold and prices to rise significantly in the long term, no one can predict the short-term market. Therefore changing conditions could force us to end this offer early. For these reasons, we urge you to order now and take advantage of this rare trifecta – low spot prices, our lowest premiums ever, and free shipping on orders of $1,000+.

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